Water Softeners & Water Treatment Services in Hibbing, MN

Range Water Conditioning

With products from Range Water Conditioning, you’ll have the treated water you need, when you need it. High-performance resin conditions your water with prime effectiveness. And our systems are easy and economical to use, simple to service and maintain. Range Water Conditioning can show you how.

Having problems with hard water?

Softened water feels smoother and doesn’t damage appliances like hard water.

Does your water taste bad?

Water filtration system removes all unwanted elements that can show up in your water.

Do you want to purify your water?

Iron removal system eliminates iron as well as manganese and sulfur from your water supply.

Water Softeners

Minnesota has some very hard water and extremely high levels of iron. Thankfully, these water problems don’t pose a health risk, but they do create problems with plumbing, appliances, clothes, and glassware. Which costs you money. Water softeners soften the hard water and can help you save money on your water usage, extend the life of your dishwasher, washing machine and other water-based appliances. Soft water also makes your clothing whiter, brighter and less scratchy.

Iron Filter

Iron Filtration Systems remove iron as well as manganese and sulfur from your water supply. This means no more rotten egg smell or rust stains. Another key benefit is the removal of sediment that can lead to poor tasting water. This provides an excellent benefit to those with well water as well.

Whole House Water Filters

There are all types of unwanted elements that can show up in your water. These are specialized products for your home water treatment system that offer specific filtration processes for when you require a bit more than a water softener.

Ready for Better Water?

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Hibbing Water

Hibbing provides its citizens with drinking water from the groundwater source – 10 deeps wells. The last Hibbing water test was conducted in 2018 (click on the button to read the full report). It’s important to note that no drinking water will ever be completely free of contaminants, but it’s important to reduce them to the bare minimum. None of the contaminants they found violated the Minnesota’s health standards.

Hibbing, Minnesota

Hibbing was established by Frank Hibbing in 1893 in St. Louis County, Northern Minnesota. It has a population of over 15,000 people and it’s the home of Greyhound Bus Museum, Hibbing Historical Society & Museum, Hull Rust Mine View, Paolucci Space Theatre, Bob Dylan Collection & Exhibit. After the iron ore was discovered under the city’s old location in the 1920’s, the whole city moved two miles south. The moving took many years to complete costing the city approximately $16 million.

Things to do in Bemidji

  • Iron Range
  • Greyhound Bus Museum
  • Hull-Rust Mahoning Mine View
  • Hibbing Historical Society
  • Hell-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine
  • Iron Man
  • Carey Lake